LMS Data Winter 2014 Update

In a post from last fall we began an investigation of which types of institutions were running which versions of the mainstream LMSs. Since then, schools have been quite busy upgrading, and we’ve also been busy trending which US-based higher education institutions with FTEs of greater than 2000 students have upgraded. Here are some interesting items to note:

  • Moodle experienced the slowest adoption of a new version as a percentage of institutions over the northern hemisphere’s winter break (Dec 2013-Jan 2014). To be fair, we balance this with Moodle’s latest version, 2.6, has only been available since November.
  • Desire2Learn experienced the highest adoption of its newest version as a percentage of institutions using its LMS.
  • Blackboard upgraded the largest raw number of institutions of any LMS to its newest version of Blackboard Learn.
  • Instructure has maintained its strong track record of ensuring that its entire hosted client base is running its most current version.
LMS by version Winter 2014

Compare this with the results from the beginning of last Fall.

LMS by version Fall 2013

We hope that institutions are experiencing success with their upgrades and are encouraged by the trend of staying current with their technology choices. More analysis to come.